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Caligula's Horse | Social
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Social Media



3 weeks ago
One day at a time - congrats on the achievement and the perfect fashion instincts @HvyMtlMariachi ❤️🐴 https://t.co/NBd1XZcyaA
Austin Trammell 🌮 @HvyMtlMariachi
Definitely ate food over the course of the pandemic, got depressed, started doing cardio/low impact calisthenics and now I can fit into this @CaligulasHorse horse shirt I got like a year ago. Little victories. https://t.co/e1dCc2sBjw
4 weeks ago
🐴❤️🐴❤️ https://t.co/z9HucPt6ev
1 month ago
IG live hangs with @Wheel_band tomorrow night! @jimgreyofficial is jumping in... which other CHorse member is coming along? 🤔🤔🤔 https://t.co/fg9FHZlXIV
Wheel Band @Wheel_band
GET READY FOR THE WEEKEND! Our next IG Live happens on Sunday (10:00 EET / 18:00 AEST), as Santeri gets to chat with Jim Grey of @CaligulasHorse ! ✌️😎

...oh, wait... apparently there might be even more guests..?? https://t.co/8q0ZfjW2ob


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