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4 weeks ago
A fond farewell to Adrian Goleby!

Today we announce Adrian’s departure from Caligula’s Horse. It’s certainly a bittersweet occasion for all of us, one laden with countless memories and experiences, but we’re excited to see where Adrian takes his considerable skills moving ahead. https://t.co/03vf8XunX7
4 weeks ago
What's your best opener? What would you encore with? Is it just Graves 6 times?

Create your perfect C-Horse set list on @Spotify! Screenshot your best and most creative set list and reply with the hashtag #mychorsesetlist on Twitter or your IG story

#caligulashorse #spotify https://t.co/EtbZaoEoLk
1 month ago
Very kind @Distorted_Mag - we can’t wait for more live shows as soon as possible! ❤️🐴 https://t.co/AfsFOSSpyI
Distorted Sound @Distorted_Mag
LIVE(STREAM) REVIEW: @CaligulasHorse @ Live After Lockdown, The Triffid, Brisbane

Last week, Caligula's Horse performed to a packed crowd at The Triffid in Brisbane. Read our review of 'Live After Lockdown' here!

@insideouteu @Incendia_Music

https://t.co/FfEna3D5um https://t.co/Ihly2Ladyn


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