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Stand as one in the fire. Wearing this love, my honour. And I would if I could.



4 days ago
Today we will choose silence to stand in solidarity with those fighting institutionalised racism. The cultural significance of what’s happening around the globe today is larger than all of us, and those of us fortunate enough to be at peace must reflect on how we can make change. https://t.co/3RLKG1Wb98
1 week ago
Thanks to everyone for reviewing the album so far, we love your kind words.

What's been your favourite song off #RiseRadiant?

Remember to order Rise Radiant today and tomorrow to give us the best shot for the opening week charts!

#caligulashorse #progmetal #newmusic https://t.co/bZ0HYLoC8N
1 week ago
Many thanks to @Deezer for making #RiseRadiant their Metal album of the week! ❤️🐴


#caligulashorse #progmetal #newmusic #deezer https://t.co/NUsxmPHIdV


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